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November 2009

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Results of the competition...

Though You cannot see the results on the webpage yet, I have already got the mail from the jury... That girl that was on the third place, Jenny, has won. She is a photographer and she made a photo exhibition at home to support her campaign. Well done!

It doesn't mean I didn't become sad. I did. Really a lot. This was a chance and this was something I was just thinking only about this in almost one month and now this feeling... Too many dreams, too many hopes.

I felt like it was the first time when I failed like this. Before I got everything I was striving for. But then understood that it was not actually the first time. First failure happened in 2006 when I didn't pass the entrance exam to Kiev-Mohyla Academy, one of the best Ukrainian universities. I was also crying then like now:) But I don't regret that anymore as I got into another institute that was not good enough and made me leave it and try to enter a university here in Sweden. If I was a student of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy I would not leave it for Sweden:) That is for sure!

So... When one door closes another should open soon. So I hope and I am sure that I will find it!
Anyway, during these weeks I felt so much support from everybody that I need to say that even if I haven't got this apartment this competition was one of the most emotional things this year. I felt really so much of positive emotions and I thank you all a lot one more time! It was really unbelievable!
Loosing is also an art.

So I love you all a lot and now if I could just spend the friday evening eating chips and candies, watching movies with my boyfriend I would feel the happiest person in the world:)

So I love you all a lot and now if I could just spend the friday evening eating chips and candies, watching movies with my boyfriend I would feel the happiest person in the world:)


... not a simple way to find personal apartment for yourself... :)

It was a wrong choice of jury.
They just made a mistake :)
Everything what is happening is happening because of some reason. I don't think they did. Probably that girl was really good in what she was doing and that was impressive.
Anyway, last week I did not really think like that, that I can find something more nice as nothing seemed to be more nice than that apartment but now I am sure I can. What can be better is stability. I have found a way to get a student apartment for all my four years of studies, very nice, quite big, modern apartment with nice furnitures and so on. But the most important is that I will feel that this is mine, I will not be dependent on anyone and that kind of safety and garantees for four years... It is unbelievably good. Especially here in Stockholm where it is so difficult to find some accomodation for a longer period of time.
So I am going to write a contract with that company than can give me this apartment:) Feel very nice:)
Look on the pictures. If it looks that nice in real life it will be very good:)
The only one minus and the biggest one is that it is one hour away from the city center but the place there is very nice, the apartments are 500 meters away from the sea...
Moreover, what I found out, Handelshögskola i Stockholm (Stockholm school of Economics, which is one of the best in Europe) is having one of their bachelor programs there in Norrtälje. And it is much easier to get in than in Stockholm campus. But the teachers are the same and the diploma is also the same. And then it will be 5 minutes away from my apartment. Moreover, I will be able to count in my points that I will get during this year in university and not to take the same courses one more time.
So I'm thinking about if I should apply for it and change the university one more time or not...:)
It would be nice to live in such a nice place.. a have only shity Russian flats in shity Russian buildings..